Byteshooter Modules

Settembre 17, 2015

Module 009: VAG DSG DQ250 Temic TriCore

The software module 009 is for DSG controllers from Temic with TriCore processor. Previously, it was only possible with the actual model to flash DSG DQ250 Temic PowerPC (Cxx software), but by a new feature of Temic through the use of the TriCore processor and the switch to CAN for […]
Settembre 17, 2015

Modul 030: MEDC17 Bosch incl. TP8/10

The software module 030 is MEDC17 controllers from Bosch when the TriCore TC17xx processor is protected by a password. The module 030 allows the reading and writing “almost” to all BOSCH EDC17 and MED17 by toolbox. With it is also possible to tune ECU’s which have a so-called Tuning-Protection. Also […]
Settembre 17, 2015

Module 036 – DSG DQ200 & VAG GS19

The software module 036 is for DSG ECU VAG with DQ200 and VAG GS19. Previously, it was with the ByteShooter only possible DSG DQ250 & DQ500 Temic to flash, but that by an innovation at VAG through the use of modern power lower motors and a shift to UDS for […]
Settembre 17, 2015

Modul 038 – DSG DL501

The software module 038 is for DSG VAG with DL501. It has been tested on: Audi Q5 3.0TDI 240PS Audi S4/S5 3.0TFSI 333PS Audi A6 3.0TFSI 300PS The module is for Byteshooter V4.0 users. The module cannot be activated for older versions as ByteShooter V4.00 All of our modules have […]
Settembre 17, 2015

Module 033 – Simos8

The module 033 is for OBD Programming (Reading and Writing – CANBUS) and is tested for the following vehicles: VAG 3.0TFSI with all Siemens Simos8.4 (TC1796 processor and external EEPROM). VAG 3.0TFSI with all Siemens Simos8.3 (TC1796, external EEPROM and 14pin CAN-driver). This module allows the user to the external […]
Settembre 16, 2015

Modul 035 – DSG DQ500

Das Softwaremodul 035 ist für DSG Steuergeräte von VAG mit DQ500. Bisher war es mit dem ByteShooter nur möglich, DSG DQ250 Temic mit zu flashen (Cxx, Exx, Fxx Stände), was aber durch eine Neuerung bei VAG durch den Einsatz der neueren Leistungsstärkeren Motoren sowie die Umstellung auf UDS für neuere […]