The software module 030 is MEDC17 controllers from Bosch when the TriCore TC17xx processor is protected by a password.
The module 030 allows the reading and writing “almost” to all BOSCH EDC17 and MED17 by toolbox.
With it is also possible to tune ECU’s which have a so-called Tuning-Protection.
Also the EEprom can be read and write with it.

It has been tested to:
BMW EDC17 (730d, 120d SE 399xxx ->)
Mercedes EDC17 (320 CDI W204)
VAG EDC17CP20 (Crafter, 2010, Passat 019xx ->)
Volvo / Jaguar / Range Rover EDC17 The new 3.0D 24xPS
Hyundai EDC17
Opel Insignia EDC17 (2.0 CDTI)
Honda EDC17
VAG MED17 2.0TFSI TC1796_int
BMW N55 TC1797
Siemens SID3/4 Porsche
Siemens SID208 Landrover/Ford incl. passwd

To ByteShooter module 030 to order, proceed as follows:

  1. Connect the ByteShooter to your PC via USB to.
  2. Go in the ByteShooter Management software V3.32 modules to unlock
  3. Select the module 030
  4. You see a code example 8876987699-030-123 copy it.
  5. Send the code to
  6. We will then contact you immediately in contact.

The module 030 is a pure software module. No additional hardware required!
Pinouts and wiring in order to send pictures via email.
A matching universal harness available at products.

Slave: 1000.00 Euro *
Master: 2000.00 Euro
prices without Tax
Possible payment methods are Paypal and normal bank transfer.
* To open a slave “.pak” file of module 030, the matching master this module have unlocked also.