Included in delivery:
- ByteShooter V2.0 - Installationlink with software and documentation. - Free Software-Module 1,2,4,7 The ByteShooter-Truck is available as a Master or Slave. Which ECU are programmable with it, infer please from the current vehicle list.


Case 105 x 26 x 92 mms (w,h,d)
USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatibly
K-Line 5-30 volt, Pullup-R 250,500,1000 ohm/td>
CAN 50000 - 1000000 bits / sec. Termination off, 60,120 ohms
RS485 9600 - 500.000 Bit/sec Termination off,120Ohm


ByteShooter Truck Hardware-Interface like picture 300,00 Euro
Softwarelicense Truck Slave bis Modul 21 inkl. 2100,00 Euro
Softwarelicense Truck Master bis Modul 21 inkl. 2900,00 Euro
transcoding: 200,00 Euro
Rename: 200,00 Euro
Downgrade: 200,00 Euro
All prices without Tax 19%  
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